Our roots go back to the late ‘60’s when Roy and Irene Stuart came to Wakefield to spread the good news of Jesus. As they went door-to door praying for people in need and sharing their faith, various ones responded to the gospel and a little church was born in their living room. Many children of the area attended the summer camps they ran and also received Jesus into their hearts.

In the mid-70’s they moved to the city and took on the responsibilities of running a 100 Huntley Street Counseling Center. Then a call came in 1983 asking them to return to Wakefield to meet the needs of the believers there. Directed by the Holy Spirit, they returned to the area with the strong support of their home church West Ottawa Christian Community. They joined The Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada (a denomination with whom Roy had previously been associated) who were looking to plant churches in Quebec. Once again the church gathered together in a home. Before long their numbers required a larger venue so they rented the gym at The Wakefield Elementary School.

From 1994-1999 Roy and Irene took a needed rest while the care of church was shared between Pastor Carl Ruby and his wife Colleen and the church elders.

In 1997, the church moved to Masham and was renamed Eglise La Peche. Pastor Roy and his wife Irene returned to lead the church in October 1999. The church found a permanent home in 2000 at our current location on the main street of Wakefield. When Roy retired in November 2002, Pastor Thomas and Denise Sabourin took over the care of the flock until Tom’s retirement November 2009.

In January 2010, after 20 years of service in the church, Mark Chamberlin, a local by birth, took the helm along with his wife, Janet, to continue to spread the good news of Jesus.